La Cultivada

La Cultivada Quintaesencia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

La Cultivada Quintaesencia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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From the producers -

La Cultivada is a unique, family-produced olive oil that comes from Organic Cultivation based on ecologically sustainable agricultural practices. Our work is complete when we obtain our remarkable olive juices, rich in polyphenols, with complex aromas and exceptional and delicious flavours. Each EVOO is unique because of its terroir and distinct culture.  The secret of the quality is due to the utmost care and attention we take at every step of the EVOO production process, starting with the terroir itself and our environmentally-friendly cultivation.

When selecting our juices, we are guided by a culture and know-how gained over many years of experience. The same applies to the conservation of the oils in the cellar and their subsequent packaging. Everything is done according to an acquired, dynamic culture, which is constantly updated and improved.

Ethereal and persisting. Organic.

An olive juice suffused with freshness that combines the best selection of our EVOO varieties: Hojiblanca (herbaceous), Picual (bitter nuance) and Arbequina (fruity notes).

International award-winner:

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